Talents for Ukraine
Talents for Ukraine
KSE 150 represents the winners of the 'Talents for Ukraine' grant program from the KSE Foundation.

In 2024 we are continuing the program and look forward to your applications to change the world together. Submit your application

The annual budget of 'Talents for Ukraine' amounts to

$1.0 million


launch of the program

The 'Talents for Ukraine' program has been created by the KSE Foundation, with the endorsement of international philanthropists to support a new generation of leaders who can think outside the box, are talented and unconventional, and act brightly and non-trivially

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awardee KSE 150

We received about 3500 applications and highlighted 150 outstanding Ukrainians by creating the annual KSE 150 award


focus on STEM

We are continuing the "Talents for Ukraine" grant program and are looking for individuals who are driving change in technology and science. We plan to allocate approximately 60% of our support specifically to talents developing the STEM field in Ukraine, with the remaining 40% of support directed towards talents in other areas without restrictions.

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How does it work?
  1. Submit an application
 Click the “Apply” button, fill in all the required fields, and wait for the KSE Foundation team to contact you. Applications are accepted until we exhaust the entire budget of the Talents for Ukraine program
  2. Review of application by a jury
 All applications are carefully reviewed by expert jury members. At each stage, we select the best applications and choose the winners. Each stage lasts from one to three weeks.

  3. Feedback
 We will let you know the result. Our team will contact the winners to discuss the details.

  4. Announcement of winners
. You can find out about the new winners of each stage of the competition in the Winners section of the KSE Foundation website and from our other official sources.
I have a project idea, can I apply for "Talents for Ukraine" program funding?
"Talents for Ukraine" program aims to support talents in growing and developing within Ukraine. Your projects, achievements, and innovative ideas are essential components of talent, and we will certainly consider them. However, the primary goal of the program is to support talents rather than to fund startups or businesses. Therefore, when reviewing applications related to the implementation of business ideas, priority will be given to the innovation and originality of the proposed solutions.
What are the criteria for evaluating my application?
  • The first is creative energy: you can't sit still; you are looking for and finding ways to realize your creative potential.
  • The second is curiosity and ingenuity: You think independently and creatively about where you are best at.
  • The third is uniqueness and creativity: You are working on something that no one else is doing and choosing non-standard solutions.
  • The fourth is a goal or a big idea: You dream of changing Ukraine or even the whole world for the better.
  • The fifth is achieving results: You have a history of victories and defeats and continue striving for success.
In what language should I fill out the application?
We look forward to receiving your applications in Ukrainian or English.
What is the amount of financial support?
We offer each winner a grant of $5,000, and reserve the right to determine the amount of financial support individually. (*at the exchange rate on the date of the contract signing)
How can I find out the result of my application?
Regardless of the outcome, we will notify you of the outcome of your application via the contacts you provided in the application form.
What is the deadline for submitting applications?
The grant program is open until the budget is exhausted. Applications will be accepted continuously throughout this period.
What to include in the motivational video?
In your motivational video, you should showcase elements that complement your cover letter with visual materials, rather than simply repeating the letter's content. For instance, if you are a robotics engineer wanting to demonstrate how a robot you've created moves, a video would be particularly useful. If your cover letter already fully conveys the essence of your application and there's nothing additional to visually present, creating a video is not necessary.
What is needed to receive the grant?
If you are selected, we will provide a grant for development without bureaucracy and formal barriers. You will need to provide your passport, tax identification number (TIN), and a personal bank account statement from any bank in Ukraine.
What does the KSE 150 rating mean?
Every year, we will celebrate a cohort of winners of the "Talents for Ukraine" grant program. These individuals will receive not only financial support but also promotion on media platforms, access to the expertise of the most talented Ukrainians, and become part of the Kyiv School of Economics community.
What are the age restrictions for applicants?
There are no age restrictions: both minors and highly experienced talents can apply.
Didn't find the answer?
If you have any remaining questions, please write to us at nkravchenko@kse.org.ua
Submit your application To participate in the program, we invite you* to answer a few questions and attach a motivational letter along with a short video to demonstrate the results of your work. We are open to applications from various fields and specializations, and we particularly encourage talents in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Submit application
We are looking for you if you
  1. full of creative energy
  2. curious and inventive
  3. have a unique and creative perspective
  4. embody a big dream or idea
  5. know how to achieve results