Talents for Ukraine

Talents for Ukraine


Talents for Ukraine is a grant support program for bright, creative, and talented Ukrainians, initiated by the Kyiv School of Economics with the support of international philanthropists in 2022

Talented, charismatic, and passionate individuals are the foundation for the reconstruction and further development of our state. Right now, we want to help each person fully unleash their potential! The program's budget is 1 million dollars. We offer each winner $5,000 for support, and we also reserve the right to determine the amount of support individually.


We are in search of individuals who are already making an impact or are on the verge of influencing the development of Ukraine or the world. If you aspire to change the world around you, act with talent and originality — we are waiting for your application to join the "Talents for Ukraine" program! 

The annual budget of 'Talents for Ukraine' amounts to

$1.0 million


launch of the program

The 'Talents for Ukraine' program has been created by the KSE Foundation, with the endorsement of international philanthropists to support a new generation of leaders who can think outside the box, are talented and unconventional, and act brightly and non-trivially


awardee KSE 150

We received about 3500 applications and highlighted 150 outstanding Ukrainians by creating the annual KSE 150 award


focus on STEM

We are continuing the "Talents for Ukraine" grant program and are looking for individuals who are driving change in technology and science. We plan to allocate approximately 60% of our support specifically to talents developing the STEM field in Ukraine, with the remaining 40% of support directed towards talents in other areas without restrictions.

Jury Composition
of the Grant Program
Submit your application To participate in the program, we invite you* to answer a few questions and attach a motivational letter along with a short video to demonstrate the results of your work. We are open to applications from various fields and specializations, and we particularly encourage talents in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Submit application
We are looking for you if you
  1. full of creative energy
  2. curious and inventive
  3. have a unique and creative perspective
  4. embody a big dream or idea
  5. know how to achieve results